May 9th, 2013 Posted by Mr Ashton

Summer is just around the corner and the garden is growing, flowers smell nice and insects are buzzing. Make the most of the sunny days by doing some jobs in your garden.
Fruit & Vegetables
Sow now:
Sow radish and spinach and lettuce outside, and sow courgettes and French beans inside.
Harvest now:
Early sowings of salad leaves, salad onions and rhubarb. Make some rhubarb crumble
Jobs now:
• Continue to earth up your potatoes as they grow and keep them watered.
• The weeds are growing strong – don’t forget to keep weeding especially those dandelions!
• Protect your seedlings and young plants from frosts by using horticultural fleece it can still get chilly at night.
• Remove the dead flower heads of daffodils but leave the foliage to die back naturally.
• Put support stakes and netting in for perennial plants as they start to grow.
• Continue to fill up bird feeders for the birds.
• Choose some flowers to sow now to attract insects and butterflies to your garden.

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