Growing Greener is Holy Trinity Primary School’s flagship Creative Learning Programme.

We see creativity as a mindset which is embedded in everything that we do. As a recognised School of Creativity through the Creative Partnerships programme we have been fortunate to be able to work with a range of experts to develop a curriculum that promotes the importance of growing a greener future through gardening, cooking, conservation, enterprise and digital technologies.

Creative learning has always been embedded in our school’s ethos with a strong focus on digital technologies through projects involving film and animation. In 2007 we decided to extend our creative learning provisions and began a project in Key Stage 1 entitled The Farm. The aim of this project was to engage our children in redesigning an unused courtyard in the infant part of our school.

A year later the ‘Growing Classroom’ was complete and the benefits of growing and cooking healthy food was widely recognised as an essential skill for the future. We then extended the project across the whole school and re-launched it as ‘Growing Greener’ to reflect the evolving aims and priorities as well as extending our remit and focus on all things ‘greener.’

Our programme was instigated by Creative Partnerships and calls upon the expertise of not just the staff of the school but other professionals who work within the school community and wider world. Over the past two years we have worked with professional architects, web designers, gardeners and chefs to examine ways in which our learning can be transformed to help make a difference in the world by living more healthier and productive lives. We have also started to share our learning with other members of the local community to promote ‘growing greener’ in other people’s lives.

The project currently operates from Nursery to Year 6 under the four strands below. You can click on each of the headings to find out more information:

Growing Greener Environments

The first phase of our programme involved redesigning an unused outdoor space into a growing classroom. We have also developed two traditional allotments where we grow food which we cook in school, a wildlife area and cops. We have worked with a range of expert practitioners such as architects and professional gardeners. This strand has been expanded to cover ‘living with the land’ where children have learned basic bushcraft skills.

We also have an active Eco Council which promotes aspects of conservation across the school curriculum. We have recently launched our EARTH code which all of our children and staff follow.


Growing Greener Lifestyles

This aspect of our programme stemmed from the school allotments as we began to use the produce that we had grown. Kitchen Garden Club uses fruit and vegetables that are grown organically on-site. In addition we have worked with local chefs to teach children about the importance of using wholesome and nutritious produce.


Growing Greener Futures

We have continued to develop our use of digital technologies by using this blog as a reflective resource. In addition are currently working with media experts to develop a weekly news show and well as video reflections which we can publish online.


Growing Greener Enterprise

In early 2011 we have started to explore enterprise skills across the curriculum as a way of developing critical thinking and team working skills. We are also using enterprise as a way of extending the programme to the wider community by creating a whole school ‘Growing Greener Handbook’ publication.



We worked together to set up our allottment areas


We enjoy cooking what we have grown too!