Holy Trinity Rosehill C.E. Primary School
Friday 22nd October 2010

This conference, hosted by Holy Trinity Rosehill Primary School and supported by Creativity, Culture & Education, was a major gathering event for educators interested in developing creative learning approaches through the great outdoors and digital technologies. The conference explored outdoor learning through the themes of gardening, conservation, cooking, sustainability and digital technologies. Delegates had the opportunity to experience keynote presentations from nationally recognised experts in the field as well as participate in hands-on and thought-provoking workshops throughout the day. This was not only an excellent opportunity to attend an outdoor learning themed conference but also network with other professionals about creating and shaping an outdoor curriculum of excellence.

Holy Trinity Rosehill C.E. (VA) Primary School, Upsall Grove, Fairfield, Stockton, TS19 7QU
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Juliet Robertson
Juliet Robertson
Creative STAR Learning Company

Juliet is a former primary school head teacher of three schools ranging in size from 6 to over 270 pupils. Prior to becoming a teacher, she had a variety of outdoor jobs including being a self-employed archaeologist and a seasonal countryside ranger.

Ollie Bray
Ollie Bray
National Advisor for Learning and Technology Futures

Ollie Bray speaks to global audiences on creativity and innovation in education. He has been a school leader, head of department and is an award winning teacher. His current interests include social media in schools, computer games in education, mobile technologies, school design, outdoor learning and 21st century school leadership.


‘IMAGINE’ – A Forest School Experience
Jo Liversidge and Lindy Barton – Ashbrow Infant and Nursery School
In this session Jo and Lindy will explore ways in which they have developed their whole-school outdoor learning curriculum through the ‘Forest School’ programme. They will explore how ‘springboards’ can be used to promote exploration, communication and enjoyment as well as how such approaches can be used in your own setting.

Learning with Wildlife
Steve Ashton – Tees Valley Wildlife Trust
During this session Steve will look at how a wildlife area can be used to deliver different parts of the curriculum including Science, Literacy, Numeracy and Art. He will explore a series of sensory activities that can be used to promote learning through the outdoors.

Garden Crafts and Activities
Richard Perks – Tees Valley Wildlife Trust
During this session will draw on work he has undertaken with local schools in developing activities linked to the outdoors. This will include activities linked to crafts and allotments. Richard is full of new ideas and ways to keep gardening fun even on those wet days.

Bushcraft Basics
David Hunt – Native Eyes Bushcraft
Bushcraft is a fascinating and wide-ranging subject that offers children and their teachers many exciting new ways to engage with the natural world around them. This workshop aims to demonstrate how those first steps can be safely taken in a normal school environment without the need for having a Ray Mears or a Bear Grylls on your staff. In particular we will be looking at how to set up and run an outdoor teaching camp, plus a range of ideas for how core skills can be explored through demonstrations, practical activities and storytelling. Above all we will be discovering the timely relevance of Bushcraft and the traditional skills of our ancestors to the challenges of modern education.

Gardening with Children
Gaynor Ayres – Environmental Educator
This session will explore the practicalities of growing fruit and vegetables in classrooms and school allotment areas. Gaynor will explore how gardening activities can be used all year-round with primary-aged children.

Cooking with Children
Matthew Brown – Head Chef at the Bay Horse, Hutton Rudby
In this session Matthew will explore ways in which cooking activities can be organised with a primary-aged class. He will also work with you to create dishes which can be replicated in your own classroom.

How to make a book soup
Bill Lord – Regional Advisor for the National Strategies
The session will consider the ingredients required for the perfect book soup. How can books add spice to your curriculum and give children a taste of the magic of reading. Bill Lord will take you on a journey of books to support work around creative learning approaches using the great outdoors and will consider themes from global, national and local perspectives. Delegates will receive a detailed booklist and will have time to browse a range of quality texts to support their work back in the classroom.

Roots into Nature: Developing Literacy Outdoors
Juliet Robertson – Creative STAR Learning Company
During this session Juliet will explore ways in which open-ended activities can be used within school grounds to support literacy learning across the curriculum.

Biodiversity is Life. Ideas to help schools engage
Rich Hurst – Ewe Centre, Durham
This workshop will provide a mix of research, rationale and practical ideas to help primary schools develop learning outside the classroom with a specific focus on engagement with the themes of biodiversity and conservation.

Blogging with Children
Iain McPherson and Jonathan Denby – e-shout solutions
Iain and Jonathan worked with Holy Trinity Rosehill to design and develop the Growing-Greener.co.uk blogging platform. During this session they will explore the practicalities of setting up and running a class blog to promote writing, photography, reflection and assessment.

Gardening with Google
Martin Waller – Holy Trinity Rosehill Primary School
If you thought Google was just about ‘searching’ then think again! During this session Martin (a Google Certified Teacher) will explore how tools such as ‘Google Squared’ can be used to compare plants and animals, how Google Maps can be used to plan and manage allotment areas and how to explore the deepest darkest jungles through storytelling with Google Earth!

Photography with Children
David Sims – Whole Child Learning
During this session David will explore ways in which photography can be used as a way to capture the outdoors. He will look at the technical and practical aspects of using digital cameras with primary-aged children.

From Map sticks to Memory sticks and Clay tablets to tablet computers
Andy Black – Digital and Outdoor Learning Enthusiast
A workshop demonstration that will mix practical environmental education activities both inside the classroom and outside. During the session technology will added to the activities/approaches. The aim is to do some very practical and low tech activities and build on them by adding a tech twist. The emphasis will be on practical activities that participants can take away use in their own schools.

Video Games and Outdoor Learning
Dr. Steve Bunce – Regional Manager for Vital
Department for Education funded project, delivered by the Open University.
Can video games support outdoor learning? They have been criticised for making children more sedentary and reducing their time outdoors. In this workshop, we look at video games that can act as an engaging theme for introducing outdoor activities. We will discuss our own ideas about games and learning, based around the example video games. Using game design questions we will ask: What experience do we want the learner to have? What is essential to that experience? How can my game capture that essence? Participants will learn about the potential use of video games in outdoor education, create new activities themed around the games and consider the next steps for their own practice.

Geocaching in the classroom
Ollie Bray – National Advisor for Learning and Technology Futures
Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played by millions of people throughout the world who use GPS devices to locate hidden containers, called geocaches. They then share there experiences online. There are currently over 1,181,847 geocaches hidden around the world. And geocashing is a great way to combine outdoor learning with technology. Most importantly it can help you explore wonderful new places and keep you fit and healthy. This will be a practical hands on workshop to introduce you to geocaching in schools. You will learn how to use a GPS and find some local caches. You will also learn about educaching that takes the same idea but combines the treasure hunt with educational objectives such as finding clues, collecting the pieces of a puzzle and solving problems. Its amazing what you can fit in an educache and you will be given lots of ideas for using words, numbers, pictures, video and sound – all located by GPS.

For more information contact Martin Waller (Creative Learning Coordinator) at Holy Trinity Rosehill Primary School.